Board of Deacons

Deacons are the official arm of the church that ministers to those in need and helps promote a sense of fellowship and community within our congregation. The Deacons oversee our Nurture and Fellowship Commissions, the monthly preparation for our Communion celebration, Sunday morning snacks/ summer receptions, and visitation of our shut-ins.

Current Board of Deacons

Class of 2020

Bill Denham
Suzanne Bower
Clay Lepley
Francine Cauffman
Joan Klingler
Tracey Calhoun
Kaye Leinaweaver
Carol McKissick

Class of 2021

Kim Siegfried
William Young

The Nurture Commission fosters the general care and expresses concern for church members through get-well and sympathy notes. They oversee a helping hands list for members who are in need of meals, rides, or other services. They also host funeral receptions as requested.

The Fellowship Commission promotes church community between members and non-members. They host 2 large and delicious brunches each year on Palm Sunday and in December. 

Sunday Donuts and Coffee are available between worship services from Labor Day until Memorial Day in the kitchen near Fellowship Hall. Donations are accepted and used to fund our deacon ministry.

Summer Receptions occur between Memorial Day and Labor Day in the lounge following Sunday worship. Food donations are always welcomed, and a sign-up list can be found on the bulletin board across from the office.

Opportunities to Help…
The Deacons are in need of help to fulfill our mission. We maintain lists of people who are willing to help as needs arise. Occasionally we will reach out for help baking, cooking, driving, visiting or helping to set up, serve or clean up events. If you are willing to assist in any of these activities, please email and the deacons will contact you when there is a need. Thank you so much for your help.

We thank the Deacon Class of 2019: Jerry Bruns, Cindy Musser and Jane Bruns for their service; and welcome the new Deacon Class of 2021: Kim Siegfried and William Young as they begin their service in January. 

The next Deacon meeting date is pending, following worship.